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2 chronicles 16:9
For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to HIM.

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The Concept

The following is how the team at Sportsmen's Devotional.com (SD) has found GOD Camping to be most effective.  It is only one way and can be modified for your situation and weather conditions.

First it is most effective when done alone. After several successful trips consider introducing someone else to the concept such as your spouse, son/daughter, or a close friend.
Choose secluded locations close to home for quick travel. Use an auto although a motorcycle or ATV works well also. Some people also use a mountain bike or hike in to a spot. Just remember that the purpose is to spend quality time with GOD and rest in HIS Creation.

  • Only one overnight.

  • Prior to making big decisions, GC is perfect

  • Keep everything simple and always packed.

  • For GC to be successful you will need to plan for four activities - prayer, worship, reading and rest.

  • Remember this is a time to rest in GOD and draw close to HIM.


Plan a date and location.  If you are married, explain this concept to your spouse or to your parents if single and ask for their blessing to participate. Show or print them this website.

Next, find a location near home so you don't spend much driving time. Keep your equipment very simple and always packed in your GC bag. See our recommended equipment list here. As you arrive at the site, pray and seek GOD; ask what He would like to reveal to you. This is not a trip about rushing to set up camp; it is about drawing closer to GOD and resting in Him.










Take the evening and enjoy the freedom of worshiping GOD. Music with a headset greatly help in this.

 Use an iPod, smart phone or other device loaded with your favorite Christian music to aid in your style of worship.  Reflect and thank GOD for all the good in your life, as you sit by your fire.


Enjoy GOD's creation and read what you have brought. Don't be afraid to ask HIM questions and seek answers. Make notes and underline important parts from what you have read so you can reference them later.



Keeping some sort of journal aids in GC prayer. A plain notebook is good for this and helps for remembering what to pray for. Over time, you can go back and see GOD's answers to your requests, which is very encouraging and even surprising at times.



A campfire greatly helps during reflection on the above, besides using it for cooking and warmth. Remember to take time and walk away from the fire and check out the heavens, which declare the glory of GOD (Psalm 19).


Go to bed whenever you want and get up whenever you want. Sometimes going to bed again using music can be very worshipful.


Coffee and breakfast. We have found that after breakfast is a good time for a walk. Back in camp, once again start your reading, prayer, and worship in any order. Go slow, ask questions, and reflect on what you are reading. Let your mind rest in GOD.


As you prepare to leave, ask GOD to search your heart and reveal three things to reflect on until your next GC trip. Write down the three things and keep them handy at work, at home, and in your auto. 

When returning reflect on your three things. 

Clean your camp and put fire completely out


Cell Phones

We have found that we need to limit the use of our cell phones as it is a huge distraction. Phone calls, emails, and texts take away from GOD Camping. Consider advising others you will be unreachable during your trip. Of course, your spouse is a different matter. 


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