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Lamentations 3:25
The LORD is good to those whose hope is in HIM,  to the one who seeks HIM.

Recommended Reading
Below are recommend books from the Sportsmen's Devotional.com team. If you don't like to read get audio books or Bible. 
With smart phones consider downloading the app, Bible Is and choose drama audio.  Always dedicate a notebook and pen to your trips.

List not in Alphabetical order.

  • The Bible

  • Wild at Heart, Eldredge

  • The Barbarian Way, McMantis

  • The prayer of Jabaz, Wilkinson

  • Wired to win, Ritchie

  • You gotta keep dancing, Hansel

  • Encouragement the key to caring, Crabb

  • Point man, Farrar

  • Raising a modern day knight, Lewis

  • Lifetime Guarantee, Ghillam

  • The purpose driven life, Warren

  • Principles of spiritual growth, Stafford

  • Victory over the darkness, Anderson

  • Bondage breaker, Anderson

  • The pleasures of GOD, Piper

  • Discover your destiny, Peel

  • Finishing well, Buford

  • The pursuit of GOD, Tozer

  • Maximized manhood, Cole

  • Every man's battle, Aterburn

  • Man in the mirror, Morley

  • Ordering your private world, McDonald

  • Kingdom man, Evans

  • Experiencing God, Blackaby, workbook

  • Walking the dead, Eldredge

  • The way I see it, Robertson

  • The owners manual for Christians, Syindoll

  • True north, Inrig

  • Getting through the tough stuff, Syindoll

  • Love life, Wheat

  • Second wind for the second half, Morley

Other recommend books for men from trusted organizations

Also for reading material consider studying a Book of the Bible with the aid of any study materials.


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