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Psalm 63:1
O GOD, You are my GOD; I shall seek YOU earnestly; My soul thirsts for YOU, my flesh yearns for YOU, In a dry and weary land where there is no water.

Camping Equipment
The key for us with GOD Camping is to keep it simple and focused. It's not about the stuff, rather the time spent with the LORD.  We have found that when you employ the KISS system (KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE) to GOD Camping, it makes for a richer, deeper experience. It's not about the stuff as many guys tend to make trips about things. Below are simple camping suggestions. Much of this equipment you probably already have. We are going to suggest some even smaller and simpler stuff also. We suggest that once you have a GOD Camping kit, keep it together in one bag and in one place. Most of us here at SD use a large, tough, black garbage bag to hold everything. All you will need is water, food, and stove fuel each time. 
Of course, you will need a vehicle to take you to your planned campsite.  We personally stay out of campgrounds and find a secluded location, but to each his own. Car camping works great! You just pick a spot and quick set up. Some simply sleep in the back of the truck or SUV. But an ATV or backpacking trip works also.
Printable PDF Camping Equipment List
  • Planed book or Bible, paper or notepad, and pens
  • Tent - Simple and cheap, no big complicated monsters. (a $29.00 Walmart dome tent works well for those under 6 feet tall)
  • Ground cloth - Harbor Freight has them for less than four bucks
  • Sleeping pad - you probably already have one
  • Sleeping bag - appropriate for temperatures in your area
  • Headlamp
  • Water bag/container
  • Camp chair - a must
  • Pillow
  • Fire-starter - campfire is critical for GOD Camping; make sure wood or fuel is available
  • Small pot/tiny if hot water needed (Forget the big camp stove!)
  • Stove suggestion: empty, tiny cat food can with holes punched in it; denatured alcohol (fuel); foil wind protection/pot topper (Google... super cat backpacking stove for more info)
  • Utensils/dishes - plastic and paper so no dirty dishes (Dairy Queen tall blizzard spoons work good for eating freeze dried meals)
  • Coffee cup
  • Instant coffee - Starbucks VIA is best (comes in individual packets)
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels & toilet paper
  • Small bottle of hand cleaner
  • Personals
  • Day pack (EDC)
  • A nighttime pee bottle (We hate getting out of a small tent in the middle of the night. An empty Gatorade bottle works well)
  • Any other simple items


  • Consider dehydrated meals
  • Foil cooking on a fireworks well
  • Meat, if desired - barbecue hand meat basket at Walmart, for less than $10 (These are easy to flip and cook over a fire)
  • Prepared canned or bagged dessert
  • Oatmeal - pre-made and placed in a Ziploc freezer bag (Just add boiling water and eat.)
  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Fast food lunch - you are headed back

Let us know what meals and equipment has worked well for your trips. Consider also fasting on one of these trips; If you do elect this, always keep safety in mind.

Again, the focus is on GOD and resting in Him

Use simple tents for GC.


A campfire is a must!


Choose a secluded campsite.


Small inexpensive cabin rentals work for GC!

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